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TOPIC: Signing Agent fees

Signing Agent fees 3 years 1 week ago #1564

The fees are not generated on a nationwide basis; they are usually issued per state. Texas has laws on the maximum fee you may charge per notarial service; if you exceed these, the Secretary of State has the right to revoke your commission. You can see a list of the fees on the Secretary of State’s website. You are also required to post your fees in your notary office, or if you are a mobile notary, a list of your fees written out for the customer to review.You are required to keep a Fee Book.

There is no minimum fee for signing agent services. You will need to negotiate your fees. They are based upon your experience, how much competition there is in your area, travel, the kind of assignment completed, the time required for that assignment, etc. It is strictly prohibited by the federal government for signing agents to collaborate to set fixed minimum fees.

For more information about the fee laws, please refer to your Texas Notary Handbook, or call our customer care center at 800.821.0822.
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