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Can My Boss See My Record Book Entries?

can your boss see your journal entriesYou own your notary commission, notary stamp and your record book. Even if your company pays for you to be commissioned, if you leave that position, you are legally bound to bring your notary supplies with you. Although, your notary commission is your own, Texas law also dictates your notary record book is public record. Therefore, if your boss asks to see an entry in your record book, they are entitled to. Any person can request a copy of one of the entries. You will have to receive a public records certificate and the appropriate fee (50 cents) to be able to disclose information in your record book. Furthermore, you should not be revealing more information than they request. If your employer requests a copy of one entry, that is all you should provide him a certified copy upon payment. Since, your record book is public record, ensure you are protecting the identity of your signers as best as you can. Section 87.40 prohibits a notary recording any of the governmental identification numbers in their record book that is on the identification card or passport or any number which could be used to identify the signer.