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Charging Notary Fees in TEXAS

A travel fee is not included in the standard notary fee and should be treated as a separate charge. Unfortunately, sometimes payment can be difficult to receive. Here are our suggestions on how to ensure you are compensated for your travel:

Let the Signer Know Before the Notarial Act

If you decide to charge a travel fee, you should let the signer know before the notarization takes place. Make sure the signer is aware of exactly how much your travel fee will be, and to ease confusion, include a detailed receipt documenting where the charges are coming from.

Ask For Payment in Advance

If possible, secure your travel fee in advance. That way, if the notarial act cannot be completed, but you have already met with the signer, you will still be compensated for your time and your travel. If the notarization is cancelled altogether, and you do not meet with the signer, you should return the travel fee provided to you. For more advice on how to handle fee issues, read our Fee Battle blog. No Record in Your Fee Book We have previously outlined the difference in the record book and the fee book for you. The fee book is used solely for your notarial fee. The travel fee is not considered a notarial fee; it is a separate, additional fee. It should not be recorded in the fee book or under the fee area in your record book. It would be fine, however, to list this fee in the comment/ notes section. You can simply write “travel fee: $10” in the comments section of your record book.