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Texas Do Not Notarize Your Notary Application

Do not notarize your notary application. One of the most common questions for Texas notary applicants is, “do I have to notarize the application?” No, you do not. The Texas notary application is simply you filling in your information and you affirming your information is correct and you were not bribed or did not bribe or coerce anyone to get your appointment as a notary. The Statement of the Officer is found at the bottom of your Texas notary application; it asks you to sign that you swear (or affirm) that everything in your notary application is correct and you did not bribe or coerce anyone or vice versa for your appointment.  This does not need to be notarized.   Statement of Officer I, the above-named applicant, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I have not directly or indirectly paid, offered, promised to pay, contributed, or promised to contribute any money or thing of value, or promised any public office or employment for the giving or withholding of a vote at the election at which I was elected or as a reward to secure my appointment or confirmation, whichever the case may be, so help me God. Execution I declare under penalty of perjury that the facts in the foregoing Statement of Officer are true. I further certify that the information provided in and with this Application is true and correct and that I am not disqualified by law or any other reason from holding the office of notary public. I agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the incorporated surety bond. Date:                                                                       X Signature of Applicant                                                                                        (sign in name given above on line #1 to be used as notary public)   You will need to complete your application, and you can mail, fax or email your application to us. Included with your bond is a form to order Errors and Omissions Insurance and to order products.