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Good Customer Service is Essential

Customer Service  

The key to excellent customer service is simple:

Focus on the customer.

If your approach to customer service is handling issues as they arise, you are living in the customer service dark ages. In recent years, customer service has become much more than merely helping people when they have a problem. One of the key components to maintaining positive relationships with your clients is anticipating their needs. While this is not always possible, it is important to keep track of how often a particular issue arises. If it is occurring too frequently, your time is best spent finding a universal solution to the problem, rather than dealing with it individually as it continues to occur. It is all about being proactive. As a notary public or signing agent, it is important that you offer customers a way to provide you with feedback about your services. Take responsibility for mistakes if they occur and let your client know that you take their opinions seriously. In the end, the best offense is a good defense. When working with clients make sure you do not treat each notarization the same. While your part in the process may be similar time after time, the people and documents you are working with are not. Make sure to treat each signing or notarization as a learning opportunity, patiently helping those for whom it is a new experience. You want them to utilize your services again and being as helpful as possible is vital to that goal.