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You Changed Your Name: Now What?

TX Name Change2

How to Handle a Name Change in the State of Texas

If you recently changed your name or are considering changing your name in the near future, you may be wondering what that means in regards to your notary commission. Well, in the state of Texas, it doesn’t have to mean anything until your current commission expires. If, however, you want to officially change the name on your commission, the process is very straight-forward.  

If you are bonded through an agency other than Notary Public Underwriters:

You will need to send your Secretary of State’s office the following: - A completed Name Change Application (Form 2305) - Your original notary commission - A rider or endorsement from your bonding agency indicating the name change - $20 filing fee   All of these need to be mailed, at the same time, to:


Statutory Documents Section

PO Box 13375

Austin, TX 78711-3375


If you are bonded through Notary Public Underwriters:

Contact us at 800-821-0822 and we would be happy to process the name change for you!